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Re: In defense of the mail list

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>From: schlax@terminus.intermind.net
Subject: Re: In defense of the mail list
To: rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu

>>Well, the volume of work and the volume of messages on this list has
>>increased dramatically. And, I'll echo the call for a newsgroup. I know it 
was >>tried once before, but you all might think about it again.

>No!!!  I like this method better!!!  This way I can read everything on my own
>time, and OFFLINE to read newsgroups on AOL, you have to be online, and at
>$2.95 an hour, that is not cheap!!  And this way, everything is sent to me, I
>don't have to go on to get it.  Home delivery, I like it.

>Sabrina Cox

>Never trust anyone who uses the word "party" as a verb.
>(hope that one doesn't offend anyone)

I have to agree with Sabrina.  Although I do not have the burden of an hourly 
charge, I do like the "Home Delivery".  That's my vote.

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