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Linnean mistakes and stuff

    First I must thank Dr. Holtz for all that wonderfull correcting and
stuff he did with the dates and such.  You know I'm no pro and don't
have all those journals and monograms, so I am rellying on _The
Dinosauria_, some other books, and memory.

    I used the Dilophosaurinae instead of Halticosaurinae because I 
am not all that sure if one can make a definative decission on what
exactly _Halticosaurus_ is diagnostic of, so I just sort of didn't use it
to be safe.  About them theropods; especially the Oviraptorisaurians.
I sort of left the Oviraptors out of the Oviraptorisaurs.  Oops.  Let's fix
that, shall we:

Class Aves
 Subclass Creaves
  Order Tetanurae
   Suborder Maniraptora
    Infraorder Oviraptorisauria
     Family Archaeopterigidae
      Subfamily Archaeopteriginae
      Subfamily Dromaeosaurinae
     Family Chirostenotidae (=Elmisauridae)
     Family Caenignathidae
     Family Oviraptoridae
      Subfamily Oviraptorinae
      Subfamily Inginiinae

    Silly, silly me.  I also put the incorrect sufexxes on the subfamilies 
Tyrannosaurinae and Aublysodontinae, I put -idae, it should have 
been -inae.

    I used the family name Chirostenotidae because I do agree with 
Greg Paul that Elmisaurus is synonomous with Chirostenotes, so C.
should have priority over the family name.

    Another thing.  I said I would try to send a tree/list that would have
something to do with cladistics.  I really have absolutely no idea how
to represent this without getting all complicated with BIG lists and
binary numbers and such and all the mess; or getting out a pencil
and a ruler and scribbling on my computer screen.  Any help would
be super.
    Greg Paul is, "no longer interested in resolving dinosaur
phylogenies... due to unresolvable data analysis problems."  What!?
That seems like a very, very, very strange thing for him to say, Mr., 
"All this might sound dry and dull, but I've never found it so.  After all,
many people love trivia games and crossword puzzles, and figuring 
out how to identify, arrange, and name once-living things is much 
more challenging."  All I can say is, "Weird."

  Y'all have a really cool time, 'k?  Finnals, YES!!

Peter Buchholz


Overheard in The Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park while it was at The 
Pacific Science Center in Seattle:

Volunteer (to a girl of about ten): "Hey, what do you think this is?"
(refering to a ten inch long, plastic replica of a T. rex tooth)

Girl: "I dunno... Maybe part of Madona's costume?"