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Re: Flapper or Glider

>Did the Pteranodon fly like a bird flapping it's wings or was it like
>a plane and glide with it's wings out straight?

The evidence that pterosaurs were active flyers is now pretty strong. There
are still those who would disagree.

>( My idea: it flapped it's wings and flew under it's own power.).

I think so to. If you look at the shoulder and upper arm bones (its too late
to go and look up proper names) of a large pterosaur, they are HUGE. The
experts tell us from muscle attachment scars that they had BIG muscles too.
These weren't just for decoration. If you look at flying squirrals and
lizards, gliders don't big muscles.

I think that the largest pterosaurs such as Pternodon and Quetzalcoatlus
were soarers like the Albatros (sorry, its too late to worry about
spelling). They would have ridden updrafts, just flapping to maintain a
steady altitude. Don't think this makes them inferior to other flyers -
Albatrosses are among the most skilled (and certainly most efficient) flyers

>Please send me your ideas. How did you all learn so much about the

I think most of us are still learning.

>I've been learning from books and video tapes from the 

So am I, and I expect many others on this list. If you have the opportunity
to visit Natural History Museums, they are a great help (pictures are great,
but theres nothing like seeing the actual bones). A few lucky souls get the
opportunity to dig them up get the best education of all.

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