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Re: Of dinosaurs & other primeval big beasties [[+ Pterosaur bk]

>And now, a shameless plug for "The Illustrated Encyclopedia of 
>Pterosaurs" by Dr Peter Wellnhofer, Crescent Books, New York, 1991. ISBN 

I agree. This is a most excellent book, and one of the most prized in my
"Dinosaur book" collection. The art is particularly excellent. I am
especially taken by the picture of Quetzalcoatlus on pages 142-143. I would
love to see it as a poster.

>I notice with much glee that "This book may not be sold 
>outside the United States of America or Canada". So much for the 
>diffusion of knowledge! (Sold it may not be, but *remaindered* it was, 
>nyah nyah nyah!)

As far as I know, the reason for that message is that Crescent only have (or
had?) the publishing rights for US & Canada. I know it was published by
Salamander in the UK. Once a book is remaindered, these rules fly out the
window, though (I also have the Crescent edition, which I got on the
remaindered shelf).