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Hair, facial

 Tom is non facially furry and may be lucky enough not to even shave
 much. Mike Brett-Surman is fur-faced. Jim Farlow was naked faced last
 I saw him. Weishampel has cut his zzTop beard to more manageable
 shape recently and I have seen him bare faced. Dodson has a goatee-ish
 thing going for him. Ken Carpenter was bare-faced when I saw him last.

 Now I was born bare-faced (although there are rumors I gave my mom
 razor-burn during the process), was for a while and then grew a moustache
 at 13 which I kept until I grew a beard at 22 which I kept for about 13
 years until I went down to a moustache for a short while and now have been
 bare faced for about 5 years or so. So that's some sort of cyclical
 evolution. I've enjoyed all phases of the cycle, by the way but hate
 donating blood every morning when I shave. Soreno is another of us
 current bare-facers. Actually, though, come 5 PM some may not be
 able to tell I shaved that month.

 Sillily yours, Ralph Chapman