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Re: Archies in the Morrison?!

>>Actually, at least one definite dromaeosaurid (the outgroup to Archie +
>>Ornithurae) is known from ~130 Ma (i.e., Utahraptor) and fragments from the
>                                                          ^^^^^^^^^
>>Morrison Fm. which might be dromaeosaurid (or might be Archaeopteryx!) from
>                                               ^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>>the same age as Archie.
>  I for one would appreciate any additional information on this material.  Such
>as when collected, what elements were found, where is it housed, is anyone
>studying it, etc.  Is it mostly scraps?

The ref is by Jensen & Padian (or Padian & Jensen), in Journal of
Paleontology, & I don't know the year off hand (have moved all my JPs to my
U Md office!).  It is from the Dry Mesa Quarry in Utah, I believe, which
has also produced some giant sauropods & the type of Torvosaurus.  It is

>  While we're back on the subject of Archie, does anyone know if there are
>Solenhoffen-type lithographic limestones of TRIASSIC age anywhere in the
>world?  By "Solenhoffen-type", I mean limy-mud bottom sediments in a
>warm-water protected barrier reef?
>  Certainly there must be at least ONE site somewhere.  If not Triassic,
>then how about Early Jurassic?

The term "lithographic limestone" is sufficient.  I don't know about any Tr
or EJ sites off hand.  There was a lithographic limestone conference in
Spain earlier this year (or maybe late last year).  When the extended
abstracts volume for that comes out, it should have the information you

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