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Archies in the Morrison?!

Tom Holtz <tholtz@geochange.er.usgs.gov> wrote: 

>Actually, at least one definite dromaeosaurid (the outgroup to Archie +
>Ornithurae) is known from ~130 Ma (i.e., Utahraptor) and fragments from the
>Morrison Fm. which might be dromaeosaurid (or might be Archaeopteryx!) from
                                               ^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^        
>the same age as Archie.

  I for one would appreciate any additional information on this material.  Such
as when collected, what elements were found, where is it housed, is anyone
studying it, etc.  Is it mostly scraps? 

  While we're back on the subject of Archie, does anyone know if there are
Solenhoffen-type lithographic limestones of TRIASSIC age anywhere in the
world?  By "Solenhoffen-type", I mean limy-mud bottom sediments in a
warm-water protected barrier reef? 
  Certainly there must be at least ONE site somewhere.  If not Triassic,
then how about Early Jurassic?