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Re: Linnean Sauropods + Boo Boos

>    Ok, I'll get to the boo boos first.  In the Infraorder Oviraptorisauria
>there should also be the family Chirostenotidae (=Elmisauridae).

Elmisauridae has priority.  Also, this taxon may be Caenagnathidae (which
has priority over all of them).

>Anyway... here's my Sauropods

>    Suborder Plateosauria (new)

Colbert 1964

>    Suborder Cetiosauria (new)

Seeley 1874.

>    Suborder Titanosauria (new)

At least Gauthier 1986, and may be older.

>    Suborder Brachiosauria (new)
>     Infraorder Camarasauria (new)

As above.

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