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Re: Linnean Theropoda

>Class Aves
> Subclass Creaves (new)
>  Superorder Theropoda
>   Order Ceratosauria
>    Suborder Coelophysa (new)

Etymologically, this would be Coelophysia (-ia), and seems to be the same
taxon as, let me see... oh, here it is:

Coelophysoidea Holtz 1994

>      Family Coelophysidae
>       Subfamily Coelophysinae
>       Subfamily Dilophosaurinae (=Halticosaurinae) (new)

If Dilophosaurus & Halticosaurus are in the same group, it must be
Halticosaurinae (since that name has been used already as a subfamily in
Paul 1988, and as a family in Huene 1956).

>     Infraorder Megalosauroidea (new)

Nopsca 1928

>     Infraorder Abelosauroidea (new)

Bonaparte 1991

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