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Re: Linnean Ornithischia

>    Ok, everybody.  I told you i'd be coming sooner or later.  Here is my
>Linnean Ornithischia:

Except for some typos, a few corrections:

>    Suborder Lesothosauria (new)

Actually, it is Lesothosauria Olshevsky 1991

>      Family Lesothosauridae (=Fabrosauridae) (new)

And the same.  Also, please Thulborn recently presented evidence that
Lesothosaurus is the junior synonym to a diagnostic genus Fabrosaurus,
which is a true ornithopod.

>   Order Ornithopoda
>    Suborder Hypsylophodontia (new)

This name dates back to at LEAST Sereno 1986, and may be much older.

>     Infraorder Heterodontosauria (new)

Cooper 1981.

>     Infraorder Hypsylophodontia (new)

In both gradistic and cladistic taxonomy, the same name CANNOT be used for
two different taxa (see your suborder above).  No matter what rank you
assign to it, you can only have one "Hypsilophodontia".

>     Infraorder Hadrosauria (new)

Hadrosauria is used by Horner in the 1980s, and may be even older.

>       Subfamily Edmontosaurinae (new)

Horner uses Edmontosaurinae in his 1992 (3?) monograph.

>    Suborder Stenepelexia (new)
>      Family Stenepelidae (new)

Stenopelixidae Kuhn 1966, and (misspelled) Stenopelyxidae Nopsca 1923

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