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Re: Therizanosaurs + Cladistics

>    I must admit, I am very mad at whomever decided to resurect that name
>(Therizanosauroidea).  Geez!  Eight sylables!  I was much happier with just
>the five in Segnosauria (I _very much_ dislike scientific words with much
>more than five sylables, especially those that _do not_ roll off the tounge
>(Such as therizanosauroidea).

So I take it you don't like "Arctometatarsalia"?.... ;-)

>  Couldn't you guys have just let it escape
>into the fifty year period of obligatory forgetting of nomin oblivitum (or
>something like that)?

Since Therizinosaurus is distinct, that name has to be kept.  Because the
other names are derived from it, they also have priority.

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