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Re: eastern us dinos (2nd att...

>> Our neck of the woods was
>>also home to Dryptosaurus aquilunguis, a large, powerfully clawed
>>coelurosaur and the first good theropod postcrania found in North >America.
>Do you have the reference for this? I also thought it was sysnonymized with
>Allosaurus medius and lower Cretaceous in age. As one who is studying the
>Arundel fauna and has found a large fragment ~2.5" of a very large possibly 6
>inch long Allosaurus tooth, according to Dr. Hotton, I would be very
>interested in getting a reprint!

True Dryptosaurus is a Late K theropod from the New Egypt Formation of NJ
and equivalents.  Gilmore referred some of the Arundel theropods to
Dryptosaurus, and then to Allosaurus.  I don't think any evidence is
convincing for either.

There is a paper on Dryptosaurus by various authors in press in JVP.

>Also, I have a variety of theropod teeth possibly representing several genera
>and range in size from ~.25" long up to 1.5" long with the smallest teeth
>showing considerable recurvature while largere morphs are lees so. What other
>theropod info might you be aware of regarding the Arundel.

There really isn't very much.  I'll try and find what I can.

>BTW, I found the
>largest and best preserved theropod metacarpal apparently relating  to the 4
>or so others I found over the last two years. It seems that at this rate, I
>may have a complete manus/limb in say 5 years;-)  Lots of other interesting
>stuff too that I need to clean and document.

I look forward to it.

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