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****ing interlibrary loan!

Hey, yeah... apparently, the Edmarka Hunteria was vol.2 no.9. Interlibrary loan
sent me vol.2 no.6. Thanks a lot boys and girls!

Things aren't that bad (even though I was kind of relying on having the
_Edmarka_ material by next week), because no.6 is the one where Bakker and
Carpenter describe 'neurologically advanced' turtle _Uluops_, little mammals
_Foxraptor_ (cool name?) and 'mutant ninja chipmunk' (mtb) _Zofiabataar_,
_Drinker_ (why do Bakker, Galton and Seigwarth say it's 'Family Uncertain'? I
understand that Bob wants an 'Othnielianidae'), and, of course, _Epanterias_
(didn't it used to be just Epanteria?) and the haplocanthosaurus. 

NEVER rely on inter-library loan. They're USELESS. Things might be a bit better
elsewhere in the world, I don't know.

BTW, don't you guys ever get tired of the pro-and-con argument for cladistics?
Maybe we should take a vote. I, for one, say that cladistics is excellent and
much superior to Linnaean classification.

Redheads? Kinda prefer mine with a bit of pigment, if you know what I mean...

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