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RE: Dino Clip Art

Regarding the Kaiyodo dino's; I own most of them. They are really  nice 
pieces though they do require a bit of work if you buy in kit form(puttying 
seams,etc). I will soon have a www page on dino art, and I will include some 
close-ups of the ceratopsians. BTW, there is a new styracosaurus available. 
It is positioned like the Charles Knight painting. That prompted my request 
on leg position information last week. I may modify it.

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>From: dinosaur
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Subject: Dino Clip Art
Date: Saturday, June 10, 1995 2:09PM

I just received my Dinosaur clip art from Dover.  There are some 98 
copyright-free designs.  Each illustration has three different sizes.  I
thought the art work is good.  For those of us with a bad drawing hand it
will or can be most helpful.  The book includes dinosaurs, birds and fishes
and mammals.

I also found an interesting coloring book on dinosaurs I have never seen
before.  "The Age of Dinosaurs", and for $8.95 at Borders to is more than
just a coloring book.  For those of you on line that work with children you
may be interested in  a copy. The ISBN is 1-56138-456-9, by Donald Glut and
illustrated by Helen Driggs.  There are four parts to the coloring book, 
the dinosaurs, lizard-hipped dinosaurs, the bird-hipped dinosaures and a 
called beyond the bones.  Each coloring page comes with a full page of

On another note I also just received the new dinosaur model catalog from
Monstrosities.  Has anyone purchased any of these models?  What about the
quality?  Wouls like to know before a drop $75.00 for a Triceratops.


David Larwa