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Re: Re; Favorite Dinosaur

On Sun, 11 Jun 1995 WILLSCULPT@aol.com wrote:

>  Can you graze before grass evolves, or must you confine yourself to
> browsing?

I don't know the technical definition of grazing, but here are my thoughts:

It's possible to graze on any plants (or other organisms) that grow into a
carpetlike assemblage.  Grass is ideal for large animals, many small ones
graze on encrusting algae.  Lichen eaters would also often be grazers, and on
Aldabra a 'tortoise turf' of various low-lying mono- and dicots has developed
in response to grazing by giant tortoises.

Some Mesozoic ferns might have grown sufficiently close together to be grazed
by the likes of Triceratops, and earlier on and in damper habitats there must
have been many bryophytes fitting the bill.
                                                                   Bill Adlam