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Re: Battat's hair

On Sun, 11 Jun 1995, Derek Tearne wrote:

> >   2) why is it that all but 2 of all of the paleontologists I've ever seen,
> >in person or in pictures, has a beard?

Unfortunately, I no longer have my Carnegie Museum's 
"Big Book of Hairy Paleontologists" lying around handy, so I
can't tell you whether hairiness is a plesiomorphy or an apomorphy.  All I
remember is that Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead was considered a good
sister group.  (or was he an outgroup?...).  So hair must be a plesiomorphy.  
Oh, well...the trend is clearly bimodal, with a small "mustache-only mode".
Here are a few "prominant" variations (relatively accurate as of 1991-93). 
No alpha-95 or T-test was conducted on the data set. 

Much facial hair    Partial facial nakedness    Total facial nakedness

Marsh               Dale Russel                              Owen
Bakker              Cope                                     Gautier
Horner              Darwin (sideburns? funny beard?)         Currie
Paul                                                         Padian
Novacek*                                                     McKenna* 
Norell*                                                      Osborn
Larry Martin                                                 Ostrom
James Clark*                                                 Fastovsky   
K. Rigby, Jr.                                                Dong Z. 
David Norman                                                 Farlow 
*= seasonally variable.                                  Barnum Brown (young) 
                                                             A. de Ricqles
                                                            Peter Dodson
                                                            R.C. Andrews
Clearly, Owen is one of the earliest of the ancestral stock. 
In that case, Bakker could be derived....but I doubt it...  :-)