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Re; Favorite Dinosaur

Yeah I'm having trouble keeping up with my e-mail too.  I just switched to
Digest Mode.  I'll report back on how well this works.  That's why I've been
several days late responding to the current conversation.  Ok, Ok, can I
still get in on this.  My favorite Dinosaur is Iguanodon.  I especially like
the way it evoloved from a great bear like creature with a spike on it's
snout in the Crystal Palace, to an upstanding broken tail kangaroo like
creature with a spike on it's thumb, and finally into a swift, stiff tailed
bipedal herbivore with a more leisurely quadrepedal grazing/browsing mode.
 Can you graze before grass evolves, or must you confine yourself to
browsing?  Consider  the hands on Iguanodon;  Defensive thumb spikes, walking
hooves and prehensile pinkys.  This was the Swiss Army Knife  of all