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Dino Bronzes whatever happened?

Greetings Dinosaur Lovers!  

 Well, back in April when I posted my announcement about my first two small
Dinosaur Bronzes, Protoceratops and Velociraptor,  I should have said:
 "Photos will be sent as soon as available".  After the posting we had high
winds in the "photo studio".  Then we were asked to drop everything and come
up with a proposal for a major commission for a big Hotel in Hawaii.  A
series of  3 lifesized Green Sea Turtles and 12 Marine Fish, done in
fabricated metal sculpture and kiln slumped stained glass; The Hawaii
commission will keep us busy for a year if they ever get us started.   Three
scheduled art shows came up during that period too, and the little bronze
dinos got schuffled to the back burner.  Now, Photos and letter are ready to
be sent. In the mail Monday morning.  Apologizes for the delay.  The next
bronze; Ceratosaurus nasicornis is nearly finished too.

Bill Hunt  -  Frustrated Marine Biologist  -  Happy Artist
2780 Chaparral Lane  -  Paso Robles,  CA  93446     -    805-237-0733  
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