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Re: Kronosaurus

(From me)
>>Dear Mesozoic Matt --
>>Kronosaurus was the largest (50 or 60  feet, I think) of the
>>pliosaurs (plesiosaurs' short-necked relatives)--A creature of
>>considerable fearsomeness, but hardly Utahraptor material! :)

(From Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.)
>Matt, Matt, Matt, get off the Utahraptor kick.  Okay, so it is particularly
>large dromaeosaurid, but probably only about 500-700 kg (Dilophosaurus
>size).  Pound for pound, it might have have been more nasty than a
>tyrannosaurid or Kronosaurus, but the latter too have a LOT more pounds!

In all fairness, I wrote the top message not Matt, so reprimand me, not
him.  I looked up Kronosaurus in one of my books and it apparently WAS
supremely fierce (though I over-estimated its size, which was really 
about 42 feet long).  This will teach me to double-check things first!
(I STILL wouldn't want to meet a Utahraptor [or a pack of them???] in
a dark alley though!)

                   -- Dave