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Re: Unsubscribing

>>Well, the volume of work and the volume of messages on this list has
>>increased dramatically. And, I'll echo the call for a newsgroup. I know it
>was >tried once before, but you all might think about it again.
>     I'd like to echo Tim's sentiments as well and PLEAD for a newsgroup!
>I've been crazy about dinosaurs since age 4 (I'm 29 now) but 40-70 messages
>a day may just push me over the edge into insanity! Aren't the rest of you
>exhausted from the volume of messages?
>                             Michael
>"whatever doesn't break a man only makes him stronger"
> Michael Brumage <brumage@teleport.com>[Portland, OR]
>>Read 'Stumptown Meatplow, Entertainment 4 Queer Men'
>>W3 url- http://agora.rdrop.com/~spyke/stmp/
>Nope, I want more MORE!!! This is the greatest thing on earth for someone
like myself. If the word dino...comes out of my mouth my entire family gets
this glazed over look in their eyes and they mumble about finding a postal
worker to care for me. I am so tired of only being able to converse with 5
yr olds. I read every message with glee. Um...On the other hand I am a
computerphobe and have not a clue what a newsgroup is! How about
both!?!-Jennifer R. Allen; Frustrated Amature and Card carryimg technophobe.
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