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Mail glut

We are also subscribers to the dino mailing list and wanted to share our 
solution to the mail glut problem. Mickey Rowe offers an option called 
'digest' in which all the mail messages each day are condensed into one 
packet  and then downloaded to your mailbox. One packet, that's all. When 
you expand it you get all the messages. We have PC Eudora 1.4 as our mail 
reader and we made a folder called 'dinosaurs' into which we put the mailing 
list packets that come down each day. That way our 'In' box never gets 
cluttered and we can go back offline and read (or delete, or whatever) the 
dino messages as we have time. 

We just thought maybe the idea would solve the problem of the long-winded 
dino mail messages cluttering up the in box. Send the command to the 
listserv, not the list of course,and you might want to ask Mickey what the 
command is. I think it is 'Set list digest' but not sure.
P.S. the messages are much faster to read in this format because you're not 
spending all your time opening, maximizing,reading,closing and deleting each 
individual message! Timothy and Marty Loss 
You can find PC Eudora at ftp://ftp.farces.com/pub/visitors-center/software/