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Linnean Sauropods + Boo Boos

    Ok, I'll get to the boo boos first.  In the Infraorder Oviraptorisauria
there should also be the family Chirostenotidae (=Elmisauridae).  Also, in
the Infraorder Heterodontosauria, there should be the family Pisanosauridae.

    If Segnosaurs belong in the theropoda, this is how I would classify them:

Class Aves
 Subclass Creaves (new)
  Superorder Theropoda
   Order Tetanurae
    Suborder Maniraptora
     Infraorder Therizanosauroidea (=Segnosauria)
      Family Segnosauridae
       Subfamily Segnosaurinae
       Subfamily Enigmasauridae
      Family Nanshiungosauridae

If in the Phytodinosauria, they should be:

Class Aves
 Subclass Phytodinosauria
  Superorder Therizanosauroidea (=Segnosauria)
     Family Segnosauridae
      Subfamily Segnosaurinae
      Subfamily Enigmasauridae
     Family Nanshiungosauridae

Anyway... here's my Sauropods

Class Aves
 Subclasss Phytodinosauria
  Superorder Sauropodomorpha
   Order Prosauropoda
    Suborder Anchisauria (new)
      Family Thecodontosauridae
      Family Anchisauridae
    Suborder Plateosauria (new)
      Family Massaspondylidae
      Family Plateosauridae
      Family Yunnanosauridae
    Suborder Protosauropoda (new)
      Family Blikinisauridae
      Family Euskelosauridae (=Melanorosauridae)
   Order Sauropoda
    Suborder Pachyspondyla (new)
      Family Vulcanodontidae
      Family Baraposauridae
    Suborder Cetiosauria (new)
      Family Cetiosauridae
       Subfamily Cetiosaurinae
       Subfamily Shunosaurinae
    Suborder Titanosauria (new)
     Infraorder Mammenchisauria (new)
      Family Rhoetosauridae? (new)
      Family Mammenchisauridae
     Infraorder Titanosauroidea (new)
      Family Diplodicidae
      Family Dicraeosauridae
      Family Titanosauridae
    Suborder Brachiosauria (new)
     Infraorder Brachiosauroidea (new)
      Family Brachiosauridae
     Infraorder Camarasauria (new)
      Family Camarasauridae
      Family Opisthicoelicaudidae

    Well, there they are.  Aren't they bueatiful?  I would very much
appreciate comments (please none yelling at me for not using cladistics, I'm
working on it).  Note the assignment of the Rhoetosauridae is _very_
tentitive.  See ya.

Peter Buchholz

    While I was working at The Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park many funny things
happened to me.  Upon asking a women what the plastic coprolite was supposed
to be she answered correctly.  She then told me about a store in Virginia
where all they sell is coprolite.  She even told me about their very large
(cow-pie sized) coprolites that they cut in half for use as book-ends!