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Linnean Theropoda

    Ok, everybody, here's my Linnean Theropoda.

Class Aves
 Subclass Creaves (new)
  Superorder Theropoda
   Order Ceratosauria
    Suborder Ceratosaura (new)
      Family Procompsignathidae?
      Family Segisauridae?
      Family Ceratosauridae
    Suborder Coelophysa (new)
      Family Coelophysidae
       Subfamily Coelophysinae
       Subfamily Dilophosaurinae (=Halticosaurinae) (new)
      Family Spinosauridae
    Suborder Megalosaura (new)
     Infraorder Megalosauroidea (new)
      Family Megalosauridae
      Family Torvosauridae?
     Infraorder Abelosauroidea (new)
      Family Abelosauridae
      Family Carnotauridae (new)
      Family Noasauridae (new?)
   Order Tetanurae
    Suborder Intertheropoda
     Infraorder Eustreptospondylia
      Family Eustreptospondylidae
      Family Metriocanthosauridae
     Infraorder Compsignathia
      Family Compsignathidae
     Infraorder Coeluria?
      Family Coeluridae?
    Suborder Allosauria
      Family Ornitholestidae
      Family Allosauridae
      Family Tyrannosauridae
       Subfamily Aublysodontidae
       Subfamily Tyrannosauridae
    Suborder Maniraptora
     Infraorder Oviraptorisauria
      Family Archaeopterigidae
       Subfamily Archaeopteriginae
       Subfamily Dromaeosaurinae
     Infraorder Ornithomimisauria
      Family Harpymimidae
      Family Ornithomimidae
       Subfamily Ornithomiminae
       Subfamily Deinicherinae?
       Subfamily Garudimiminae
     Infraorder Avimimisauria (new)
      Family Troodontidae
      Family Mononykidae
      Family Avimimidae
      Family Alverezsauridae?

    Well there it is.  Again, all those that I gave families too deserve them
in my opinion.  Also, a lot of the titles are used with other labels a lot of
the time, all I did was change the suffexes.  Also, Ornithomimisauria could
easily become a suborder with common ancestery with the maniraptora, but for
now it's within the maniraptora.  I also believe that birds did evolve from
the Archaeopterigidae in any case if you're wondering.  See ya.

Peter Buchholz

Overheard in The Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park while it was at The Pacific
Science Center in Seattle:

Volunteer (to a girl of about ten): "Hey, what do you think this is?"
(refering to a ten inch long, plastic replica of a T. rex tooth)

Girl: "I dunno... Maybe part of Madona's costume?"