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Linnean Ornithischia

    Ok, everybody.  I told you i'd be coming sooner or later.  Here is my
Linnean Ornithischia:

Class Aves
 Subclass Phytodinosauria
  Superorder Predentata (=Ornithischia)
   Order Thyrophera
    Suborder Lesothosauria (new)
      Family Lesothosauridae (=Fabrosauridae) (new)
      Family Scuttelosauridae
    Suborder Scellidosauridae
      Family Scellidosauridae
    Suborder Stegosuria
      Family Stegosauridae
      Family Houyoungosauridae
    Suborder Ankylosauria
     Infraorder Nodosauria (new)
      Family Minmidae (new)
      Family Policanthidae
      Family Nodosauridae
     Infraorder Ankylosauria
      Family Ankylosauridae
   Order Ornithopoda
    Suborder Hypsylophodontia (new)
     Infraorder Heterodontosauria (new)
      Family Heterodontosauridae
     Infraorder Hypsylophodontia (new)
      Family Hypsylophodontidae
      Family Tenentosauridae (new)
    Suborder Iguanodontia
     Infraorder Dryosauria (new)
      Family Dryosauridae
     Infraorder Iguanodontia
      Family Camptosauridae
      Family Iguanodontidae
     Infraorder Hadrosauria (new)
      Family Probactrosauridae (new
      Family Lambeosauridae
       Subfamily Bactrosaurinae (new)
       Subfamily Lambeosaurinae
      Family Hadrosauridae
       Subfamily Telmetosaurinae (new)
       Subfamily Hadrosaurinae
       Subfamily Edmontosaurinae (new)
   Order Marginocephala
    Suborder Stenepelexia (new)
      Family Stenepelidae (new)
    Suborder Pachycephalosauria
      Family Yaverlandidae (new)
      Family Pachycephalosauridae
      Family Homalocephalidae
    Suborder Ceratopsia
     Infraorder Psitticosauria (new)
      Family Psitticosauridae
     Infraorder Neoceratopsia
      Family Protoceratopsidae
      Family Monoclonidae (=Centrosauridae) (new)
      Family Chasmosauridae (new)
      Family Triceratopsidae (new)

    Well, anyway, there it is.  I made Lesothosaurus' family the
Lesothosauridae because I've heard that Fabrosaurus is no longer diagnostic
of anything.  I also put it into the Thyrophera because there really is no
great anatomic gulf seperating them from other Thyropherans except armor.  I
included subfamilies inside the Hadrosaria because, though I believe that
there are three families in there and not just the one, they are monophyletic
and had traditionally been lumped.  I gave Yaverlandia its own family because
it needs one (so does Minmi).  I split the Ceratopsidae because a) Ceratops
isn't very diagnostic of anything and b) it needs splitting.  I gave
Triceratops its own family because of its solid frill.

    You should probably expect Theropoda next, Sauropoda after that, and then
all those sneaky early dinosaurs.  I am having trouble at how exactly to
represent a cladogram on this kind of medium; perhaps how they did it in _The
Dinosauria_.  See ya.

Peter Buchholz

Overheard in The Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park while it was at The Pacific
Science Center in Seattle:

Volunteer (to a girl of about ten): "Hey, what do you think this is?"
(refering to a ten inch long, plastic replica of a T. rex tooth)

Girl: "I dunno... Maybe part of Madona's costume?"