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Therizanosaurs + Cladistics

    I must admit, I am very mad at whomever decided to resurect that name
(Therizanosauroidea).  Geez!  Eight sylables!  I was much happier with just
the five in Segnosauria (I _very much_ dislike scientific words with much
more than five sylables, especially those that _do not_ roll off the tounge
(Such as therizanosauroidea)).  Couldn't you guys have just let it escape
into the fifty year period of obligatory forgetting of nomin oblivitum (or
something like that)?

    In any case, I am still a little reserved at calling these beasts
theropods (that tetradactyl pes still has a _lot_ of explaining), but the
idea isn't quite as absurd as I otiginally thought it to be when Thom Holtz
started his whole _Alxasaurus_ kick a few months ago.

    My vote for diet is herbivore.  This is because of the teeth, and it's
not especially preditory demeaner (not especcially fast, small head, giant

    But.... in any case my question still stands about Greg Paul's take on
_Alxasaurus_.  Has he accepted it as a theropod or is he organizing a
rebuttal?  Same thing for Bob Bakker, George Olshevsky and all the other
Phytodinosauria (Phytodinosauria, I like however, it rolls off the tounge)

    Well, if you hadn't noticed already, I am supportive of phytodinosauria
and of the segnosaurs' (oops, I mean therizanosauroidea's) place there.  The
tetradactyl pes, ornithischian-style beak, and  basil-phytodinosaur-style
teeth still have a lot of explaining.

    I am also not to enthusiastic about cladistics (if you haven't noticed)
because, as I have said before, they tend to split up ancestor-descendant
lineages into sister groups with an as-of-yet-undiscovered common ancester to
both as the node at which they both appear; leave out animals that are very
close to the ultimate ancestor of a stock with the phrase "The most recent
common ancestor of both this and that;" and place too much of an emphasis on
the most evolved by bestowing upon it the most titles (I believe this is
refered to as nesting).

    In any case I will be (in the days to follow, maybe today) sending y'all
 my family tree of dinosaurs as I see it.  I will attempt to send you two
trees, one linnean, the other cladistic.

    Hey everybody, I've finally decided to attatch a witty quote to the
bottom of my mail.  I had to think for quite a while 'till I remembered the
just about funniest thing I've heard in my entire life.

Peter Buchholz

Overheard while voluteering at "The Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park" while it was
at The Pacific Science Center in Seattle (I am not making this up):

Volunteer (to girl of about ten): "Hey, what do you think this might be?"
 (Reffering to a ten inch, plastic replica of a T. rex tooth).

Girl:  "I dunno...  Maybe part of Madona's costume?"