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Dinos on National Public Radio

For those who don't ever listen to Public Radio, now is the moment to say to
yourself "I regret my mistake, and am pond-scum (a form of cyano-bacteria?).
Every Friday is "Science Friday" on N.P.R., which is hosted by Ira Flatow
(who, for a journalist, really knows his stuff when it comes to science).
The first HOUR of the show (yes, they give an entire hour to a science topic)
was devoted to major DNA discoveries, and Ira even allowed the guest scientists
to use big science words (poly-syllabic ones at that!).
  BUT the second whole hour was devoted to dinosaur science.  Ira had as 
guests:  Mark Norell, Mike Novacek (from the AMNH), and Jim Kirkland
("Dr. Utahraptor") from Dinamation, Intl.
  I called in, but I didn't get to ask a question (they have very competent
caller-screening staff at NPR!).  I mean, gees...all I wanted to know was 
where Mark get's his cool copper bracelets.
  Did anyone else on the list call in with a question?  Did anyone here
actually get to ask one?
  [actually, I would have asked Mark and Mike about dino-bird phylogeny...
but I would have snuck the "bracelet question" in as my follow-up.]