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Re: Ceratopsian leg position

>I know there is some controversy regarding the leg position of the forelegs
>of ceratopsians. What is the current thinking on this matter? Are they more
>under the body, or splayed to the sides?
>Thanks for the thoughts

Lapidary Journal (I think) ran an article a few months ago about this.
They had people pro and con on the matter.  Unless something really solid
comes up soon, I'd say the matter is far from resolved and not leaning any
particular way.

My take on the problem follows what Ken Carpenter said about six years ago
at SVP: unless you get the ribs mounted correctly on the specimen, the rest
of the question is moot.  Without the ribs mounted properly (and,
unfortunately, many museum mounts are incorrect), the pectoral girdle wont
be in the correct position.  Without the pectoral girdle in the right
place, the limbs wont be mounted in life postion.  Ugh!

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