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Re: one more try...

 From: Timothy Isles <tisles@sol.uvic.ca>
 >  Boy, did I 
 > screw up ... I meant to say "Larry MARTIN".  That correction made, can 
 > anyone out there in cyberspace provide me with a mailing address for
 > this individual ?  
He works for the University of Kansas, in Lawrence.

I suspect that mailing to him c/o the KU Natural History Museum
would work.  For that you might even manage to get by without
a street address (the campus has its own zip code, so the postman
had *better* know where the museum is it's just around the corner
from the campus post office).

That is try:

        Dr. Larry Martin
        c/o Univ. of Kansas Natural history Museum
        Lawrence, KS 66045

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