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A couple more refs

 Looks like Taquet's group is finishing up a lot of small projects.
 In addition to a couple misc theropod papers over the past few
 months comes...

 Noblet, Christophe & a bucket o' others. 1995. Another discovery
   of dinosaur foot-prints in the Red Beds Formation (Cuzco-Sicuani Basin,
   Southern Peru): stratigraphic and tectonic implications.
   C.R. Acad. Sci. Paris, Ser. IIa  320:785-791.

 It may be good to avoid writing papers that have titles that start
  with the word another, but who knows. Lots o' footprints in South
  America. Typical tridactyl fare with a fat one as well.

And the discovery of a setgosaur spike from the Lower Cretaceous of Spain:

  Casanovas-Cladellas, Maria Lourdes and 3 others. 1995. Presencia,
    por primera vez en Espana, de dinosaurios estegosaurios
    (Cretacico Inferior de Aldea de Losilla, Valencia).
    Revista Espanola de Paleontologia   10(1):83-89.

Looks a bit Dacentrurus like but who knows.

 That's it for now.

 Ralph Chapman, NMNH