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Re: T. REX cf. BROOKSIA (fwd)

 I think what you are seeing is one of those computer artifacts that just
> happen.  The dinosaur in the computer was VERY carefully matched to the
> surface of the 32-footer (and applied with a new, horribly un-available way
> to apply textures that I want but ILM owns out-right and won't sell to
> anybody yet-pooh) , HOWEVER the computer was suffereing a limitation that may
> have changed her color noticably.
>     You see, the RAIN in the 32-foot model shots was graying out the
> atmosphere considerably in the 'real' shots, BUT the computer dino had an
> algorythmic wave of distortions (with a slider control for "big rain" or
> "little rain")(also new, also un-available) that just didn't satisfactorily
> mimic true rain, and so DIDN"T gray things out properly.  Her color came out
> clearer and not 'grayed' by atmosphere, 'cause there isn't any 'real'
> atmosphere in a computer environment..  
>    But the scanned-in surface texture was VERY close before final production
> shots.
> Betty Cunningham(Flyinggoat@aol.coM0
Now THAT'S an explanation. Thankyou Betty...

DARREN "All the way to the bank" NAISH