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DARREN said:
>You see, the robot T. rex is almost definitely GREY. You see her >close up,
and she's grey. You see her with light shining on her, and >she's grey. I
think she's grey.

>The computer-graphic T. rex is brown. You see her in the day time
>(Gallimimus chomping, visitor centre finale) and she's brown. You >see her
at night (jeep- chasing) and she's brown. I think she's >brown.

  I think what you are seeing is one of those computer artifacts that just
happen.  The dinosaur in the computer was VERY carefully matched to the
surface of the 32-footer (and applied with a new, horribly un-available way
to apply textures that I want but ILM owns out-right and won't sell to
anybody yet-pooh) , HOWEVER the computer was suffereing a limitation that may
have changed her color noticably.
    You see, the RAIN in the 32-foot model shots was graying out the
atmosphere considerably in the 'real' shots, BUT the computer dino had an
algorythmic wave of distortions (with a slider control for "big rain" or
"little rain")(also new, also un-available) that just didn't satisfactorily
mimic true rain, and so DIDN"T gray things out properly.  Her color came out
clearer and not 'grayed' by atmosphere, 'cause there isn't any 'real'
atmosphere in a computer environment..  
   But the scanned-in surface texture was VERY close before final production

Betty Cunningham(Flyinggoat@aol.coM0