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Re: Sauropod live birth - maybe

>From: Tony Thulborn <paswamp@mailbox.uq.oz.au>
 >  - Alternatively, the huge difference in mass between a mother sauropd 
 > and her eggs ... allows 
 >the possiblity of huge numbers of eggs at a time.Which puts it way over 
 > to the r end of the reproductive spectrum 

In "Dinosaur Eggs and Babies" there are some interesting results
that suggest this to be the case.  First, there is the occurance
of some rather large nests consisting of many large eggs, which
may be sauropod eggs.  Second, the general allometric relationships
between egg count and body size for dinosaurs stays well within
the more or less "r-selected" range.  The nests cited above fit
within the pattern if they are indeed sauropod nests.

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