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>> Bingo!  That's the place.  Hans Sues also presented a cladogram at last SVP
>> which also had an oviraptorosaurian clade,
>Has Sues, pray tell, done any published work on theropod phylogeny? If not does
>he plan to?

I'm sure he does, but I don't know where or when.

>> and I have found a similar
>> result with a new analysis.
>Will this be out in november too, Dr. Holtz?

This is one of my talks at SVP, yes.

>> However, almost all the similarities are in the skull, and if you just use >
>> postcranial material, therizinosauroid share derived characters with > >
>dromaeosaurids & birds!
>Gasp wheeze... wheeze...  cough splutter  ... The prospect of this discovery is
>too intense...

Just sit back & think about it:

Semilunate carpal, opisthopubic pelvis, proportionately shortened tibia &
metatarsals (relative to other theropods), and (possibly on
Nanshiungosaurus) transformed proximal caudals that may have allowed
therizinosauroid tails to do the old 90 degree deflection bit.

Of course, as I said above, the skulls are more similar to oviraptorosaurs.

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