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eastern us dinos (2nd attempt)

Wednesday, during the umpteenth repeat of Paleoworld, it was mentioned 
that the US was split by a sea during the cretaceous. While the show was 
about T rex, I wondered who the big predators of the eastern US were 
during that time. I realize fossils from the east coast are relatively 
scarce, but could rex or his kin (Albertosaurus perhaps) have been on the 
top of the food chain in the east during that time? Along those lines, 
are there books specifically dealing with eastern US dinos of any period? 

Blaise Considine [bpc.apa@email.apa.org]
PS Sorry if this post is a repeat. We've been informed by MIS that 
they've installed a new internet gateway and that any messages we sent 
out over the past couple of days might not of made it. As I did noot 
receive a copy of my post from the list, I assume it is lost in the gray 
limbo somewhere.