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Titan's revenge

>>What's A Kronosaurus?
>>I believe that I have heard of it somewhere...
>Kronosaurus was the largest (50 or 60  feet, I think) of the
>pliosaurs (plesiosaurs' short-necked relatives)--A creature of
>considerable fearsomeness, but hardly Utahraptor material! :)
>               -- Dave

I can't let this one past...

Largest Kronosaurus skeleton is approx 43 feet.  As I said before, this 
has a robust 9 foot skull (that's a gator type mouth as big as your 
average gator.  And it smiled) specially adapted to eating Utahraptors.  
I have visions of Utahraptor getting pulled into the Pacific swell by the 
snout, with Kronosaurus hunting a la Orca.

Chew on that...

Colin McHenry

"I vote we take off and cheese the Lasagne from orbit.  It's the only way 
to be sure".