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Re: miscellaneous questions

>I was trying to be more specific.  I am saying I do not think he
>good at determining *phylogenetic relationships*.  Just that, no
>more. On anatomy in general he is probably competent enough. He
>just can't seem to distinguish a true synapomorphy froma convergence.

        OK, gotcha!  I see what you mean now!  I agree, too:  maybe he
oughta draw the line (no pun intended!  8-)  ) at inferring

>It seems to me that the conclusion that we should be drawing is that
>poposaurids were generally *ecologically* convergent with the more
>higly derived theropods.

        Even more than that!  From what little I know of poposaurids, much
fragmentary material of their fossils has been attributed to primitive
theropods, and vice-versa.  It's a really interesting group...

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