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Re: Response to Coleman

Involving the 'hot Moa debate'.
Mark? (everything appears to be from Terry Colvin) wrote, referring 
to comments by Loren.

> However, and this is the main point that I wish to make in this post (and the 
> raison d'etre for it)--is my belief that engaging in debates is far from 
> counterproductive. If you are being honest and you do not wish to engage in 
> debate, then what was going on vis a vis the Moa controversy? Weren't you 
> debating the other fellow when I entered the discussion? I thought that 
> alt.misc.forteana existed largely to allow serious debate and discussion of 
> controversial issues! If someone is not engaging in rational discussion of 
> the facts, then I can understand how debating such an individual could be a 
> waste of time, but I would suggest that I have raised serious and substantial 
> issues. You certainly have no obligation to answer any post, but if you 
> debate someone on-line and criticize them, as in the Moa  posts, then you 
> must be prepared to follow-through with the discussion. If you can't stand 
> the heat, get out of the kitchen. 

I would like to point out that, from my point of view the events weren't 
one of debating.  I responded to a post about Moa jokes which I 
read via the dinosaur mailing list.  I mentioned Paddy not to start a 
debate, but to give a little background into why there were so 
man current 'Moa jokes'.

I responded to what appeared to be personal e-mail asking for more 
information about Paddy.  The next thing I know this personal e-mail 
appears and for the first time it is clearly cross-posted to the 
Forteana list.

Loren has wondered why I appeared so upset and has indeed apologised.

I find that my private comments, which were categorically not 
posted to the forteana list, are not only considered 'debate' but 
are being 'criticised' for my position on the issue.

I don't personally consider this the technique of debating.  

> Now can we get back to the facts of the case? And perhaps from here 
> on out we can keep private email and personal discussions private 
> and off of alt.misc.forteana. 


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Some of the more environmentally aware dinosaurs were worried about the
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