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Re: miscellaneous questions

>From: jdharris@csn.net (Jerry D. Harris)
 > >By the way, this is one more example of why I do not trust his
 > >taxonomic sense.  If Protoavis is a bird, it will be more luck than
 > >skill on his part.
 >         Well, I don't know if this is what you were trying to get across,
 > but you make it sound as if Chatterjee is a bad scientist.

I was trying to be more specific.  I am saying I do not think he
good at determining *phylogenetic relationships*.  Just that, no
more. On anatomy in general he is probably competent enough. He
just can't seem to distinguish a true synapomorphy froma convergence.

It seems to me that the conclusion that we should be drawing is that
poposaurids were generally *ecologically* convergent with the more
higly derived theropods.

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