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Re: Holy Bob!

In response to this meesage, let me say this, My daughter had a science
project for school to do she decided to do it on paleontology, her title was
Could the dinosaurs have evolved into a compatible species with man. I
contacted a few paleontologists for some help Dr. Bakker was one of them,
along with Dr. James Kirkland, Michael Novaeck, and Dale Russel I phoned each
of them and spoke to them about this project they all were very helpful,
answered any and all questions, without reservation, gave me their phone
numbers and wanted to be informed as to how the project went which after I
             They ALL did not put on any fronts they were in no way upset or
to busy to help they did not give any long winded speeches
infact they were just down home people not above reproach. Despite
that they have had t.v. interviews been advisors for JP, as well as paleo
world. So I can truly tell you that these people are willing to help, all you
have to do is ask. It's also good to see you once again Kelly, Glad your

message is not to jump on any one, or praise anyone just to let you know how
I was treated and talked to when I asked them for help.