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Re: Crow & Raven Intelligence

I've looked after a tame magpie and, while it didn't get up to things as cool
as Hugin did, it was smart. I don't think that 'intelligence' is really a
measure of brain size or complexity, as many small/simple brained animals can
show a great deal of what we call 'intelligent' behaviour. I had a spotted swift
(as in Fence lizard, not apodiform bird) called Ermentrude for many years and
he could figure out things that my hamsters couldn't. These were all things to
do with food and escaping from his tank, though, so I think that intelligence
in this regard (something like the JP raptors) is a measure of flexibility of
behaviour. Playing with cups and water is more 'real' intelligence.


Thought I'd address this here, rather than posting you all again! I've often
wondered over the superficial similarity between Pica and Archaeopteryx. Several
books even compare the two in life appearance. However, while they are similar
in size, the resemblance is more an artefact of restoration. 

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