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Re: miscellaneous questions

 From: jdharris@csn.net (Jerry D. Harris)
 > > I came across a curious little contribution by
 > >none-other than Sankar Chatterjee.  ...
 >         The animal was named _Shuvosaurus_, and the reference is:
 > Chatterjee, S.  (1993).  "_Shuvosaurus_, a new theropod," _National
 > Geographic Research & Exploration_
 >         9(3):  274-285.
 > In this paper, he describes why it's an advanced ornithomimid, ...
 >   It now seems that the
 > non-ornithomimid - and even non-dinosaurian! - nature of this animal is
 > probably correct:  the postcranial skeleton of a bizarre poposaurid
 > "thecodont" currently called _Chatterjea_ from the Post Quarry ...
 > seems quite perfect for the _Shuvosaurus_ skull. 

Well!  A poposaurid!  Imagine that, the very group that Sankar
Chatterjee once suggested was directly ancestral to the tyrannosaurs!
[Interesting that he shoudl twice confuse poposaurid material with
arctometatarsalian theropods].

By the way, this is one more example of why I do not trust his
taxonomic sense.  If Protoavis is a bird, it will be more luck than
skill on his part.

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