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Re: Dino live birth...Yes!

 From: DAVEH47@delphi.com
 > I agree with you, and think that live birth in sauropods is 
 > too quickly discounted by people.  I suppose sauropods MIGHT
 > have guarded their eggs and brought food to their young
 > Maiasaura-style, but it doesn't seem likely to me.  And what
 > about those wide sauropod pelvises cited by Dr. Bakker and
 > others...?

Wide pelvises might have other purposes.

Let us not forget that the current evidence includes eggs associated
loosely with sauropods (but not yet firmly identified), and trackway
evidence that young sauropods gathered in large groups, with few
adults.  This last means either they stayed around the nest site
foe awhile after birth or the adults left the young in creches.

So, until and unless all of the candidate sauropod egg types are
firmly identified as something *else*, the predominance of the
evidence is in favor of egg-laying.

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