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Re: T. REX cf. BROOKSIA (fwd)

> > Sounds enigmatic? This isn't a bash at T. rex name priority (subject
> > impl> > 
> >Sorry to drag the JP gliches from the grave (or should I say Death
> >yurk yurk yurk) again, but something is bothering me (still). 
> > 
> >It's the colour on the T. rex in JP. She seems to change. Chameleons can 
> >do this
> > Hang on? Grey? Brown? I can't believe it's down to lighting. Elephants never
> > appear brown, nor do okapis (or any other big, brown animal you can think
> > ever appear grey. So what's going on?
> I take it Darren, that you have never seen either Elephants or 
> Okapi in their natural habitat.  Or a jersey cow by moonlight for that 
> matter.
I have seen elephants and okapis many times, but not in their natural habitat.
AS for Jersey cows...

> Light brown is not at all an unusual colour for an elephant to be.  Red 
> is available also depending on the part of Africa and the season.  
> A good dose of rain can change a brown or red elephant to a grey one 
> quite effectively and rapidly.  

Yes, but you're talking about mud. A grey elephant stays a grey elephant with
unmuddy/dusty skin.

> Okapi, in the mornings, are effectively invisible.
That'll be their pyjamas.

> The robot 'Rex' is the one used in the storm scene.  Humans tend to lose 
> their colour vision in low light,
 Only in low light? I loose my colour vision in good light.. 

 which would make a grey dinosaur not 
> entirely surprising in poor light during a rain storm.
Good point. But there are bits where light (e.g. from the flare, from the
flashlight Lex is holding) shines on the T. rex - she's still grey. 
> Incidentally I have photographic evidence of light brown elephants, grey 
> elephants, half brown - half grey elephants and effectively invisible 
> Okapi's - in their natural habitat (OK so the Okapi was actually in 
> a fenced off bit of jungle but there you go).  

Thanks for the feedback, but I don't think that this is absolutely relevant. We
see, in good light, that the robot rex is grey.

> Derek "Jersey Cows by moonlight?  I, er, destroyed the negatives <ahem>"
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