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Dino live birth...Yes!

Dear Jennifer --

>        On the subject of live birth in large saurapods, as they
>are grazers and need to eat everyday wouldn't live birth make
>more sense for them. To have a baby that can run within hours of
>birth is a distinct advantage to grazing animals of today.  I
>always see saurapods being likened to girraffes etc. and find it
>hard to imagine how they could lay eggs of the needed size
>and guard them and still get enough to eat. Even harder to belive
>is that they could lay them and abandon them,  too big to hide
>effectively and many animals consider eggs to be a yummy treat. 

I agree with you, and think that live birth in sauropods is 
too quickly discounted by people.  I suppose sauropods MIGHT
have guarded their eggs and brought food to their young
Maiasaura-style, but it doesn't seem likely to me.  And what
about those wide sauropod pelvises cited by Dr. Bakker and

                     -- Dave