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Favorite Dinos

Skip --

>I guess I have to admit it - my favorite dinosaurs are crows and
>ravens! :)   

Crows and ravens are the most intelligent of all birds.  Experts
place crow/raven intelligence levels far above dogs and cats! 
There are many crows in my neighborhood, and they actually stand
guard over the sparrows and other birds feeding on the ground, and
sound a warning call to the other birds to fly away when from their
high perch the crows spot a cat or other approaching peril.

I now think that the Bible got it wrong, and that in fact it was
the raven who came back with the olive branch and the 
dove (= pigeon, the only bird that doesn't know enough to fly when
a car is coming toward it in a parking lot!) was the one that got
lost! :)

I also agree that it legitimate to have a bird as a "favorite
dinosaur", and I agree with those who cite intelligent birds like
crows and ravens as proof that just because dinosaurs and birds
had relatively small brains doesn't mean that they were stupid!

                          -- Dave