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On Wed, 7 Jun 1995, D.W.Naish wrote:

> Hang on? Grey? Brown? I can't believe it's down to lighting. Elephants never
> appear brown, nor do okapis (or any other big, brown animal you can think of)
> ever appear grey. So what's going on?

African elephants (let's get technical, Loxodonta africana) often appear 
brown.  They look brown if they're well lit and they've been bathing in 
brown clay.  And mud is, I suspect, the answer to T. rex's colour change.
It keeps the mosquitoes off!

> (And don't say that the frog DNA allowed the T. rex a chameleonic colour-
> changing ability, because the T. rex didn't get froggy DNA implants).

I thought it did, and that was why its vision was based on movement.  
Am I right or wrong?
                                                                 Bill Adlam