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>The relationships of the therizinosauroids are discussed in several
>places.  The first is with the description of Alxasaurus in the
>November 1994 issue of Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences.
>[That issue is dedicated to the recent Mongolia expedition, and
>has descriptions of about half a dozen new dinosaurs].
>More recent is Tom Holz's paper on the phylogeny of theropods,
>I do not have the citation handy, but I am sure Dr. Holz will
>be happy to cite it for you.

Actually, I'll be happy to cite it, but there aren't any therizinosauroids
in it!  Way back when I wrote it (1992-3), "segnosaurs" were still
Saurischia sedis mutabilis.

Holtz, T.R., Jr.  1994.  The phylogenetic position of the Tyrannosauridae:
implications for theropod systematics.  Journal of Paleontology 68:

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