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Re: Rank taxonomy (was Re: Cladism (akin to masochism))

>>I'm not sure if the above is very coherent (its very late and I should be in
>>bed), so I'll give an example of your dinosaur (throwing in one or two extra
>>        Node No         Name                    Parent No
>>        1               Dinosauria              NULL
>>        2               Saurischia              1
>>        3               Ornithaschia            1
>                         ^^^^^^^^^^^^
>    Oh no, another name change!!!!

No, a typo.

>>        6               Tetanurae               4
>>        7               Coelurosauria           6
>                         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>    Anybody wanna guess why _the Dinosauria_ lists no species for the
>Coelurosauria except those that are Theropoda incertae sedis?  Am I missing
>a clade somewhere?

Coelurosauria gets a brief mention in Osmolska's intro to the Theropoda.
All of the following chapters talk about true coelurosaurs:
Ornithomimosauria; Oviraptoridae; Elmisauridae; Troodontidae; and
Dromaeosauridae.  Some of the taxa in both Problemetic theropod chapters
are coelurosaurs.

And, coelurosaurs are such a diverse group, they require individual
chapters for each subgroup (just as the Ornithopoda got several chapters,
and not just one).

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