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Traffic level

For those that feel that they are getting too many messages, one option that the
listprocessor appears to offer, is digest mode.  In digest mode, posting are
saved up and sent periodically as a group (typically one digest per day).

The following commands can be sent to <listproc@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu>:
(put the command, without quotes, in the message body)

>        'set <list>': get the current option settings for the list
>        'set <list> mail ack': your message is sent back to you
>        'set <list> mail noack': your message is not sent back to you
>        'set <list> mail postpone': no messages will be sent to you until you
>                change mode again
>       'set <list> mail digest': your message is not sent back to you.
>               New messages are not sent to you as they arrive, but are
>               accumulated into digests that are periodically sent to you.

For other commands you can send the command 'help' to the listprocessor.
This is useful to stash away, for times like unsubscribing.


PS - Disclaimer, I have tried turning digest mode on.