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>Actually, for anyone who wants it, the entire issue (the sequel is due out
>soon!) is available from the CJES for $19 with a check made out to
>"Receiver General for Canada, credit NRC"  sent to:

Oops!  Forgot to mention that that's $19 Canadian.  You can get a check
drawn on a Canadian bank from a good locl bank, and that should work,
though be forewarned that your bank may charge you a fee for this service!

Jerry D. Harris
Denver Museum of Natural History
2001 Colorado Blvd.
Denver, CO  80205
(303) 370-6403
Internet:  jdharris@teal.csn.net
CompuServe:  73132,3372

--)::)>   '''''''''''''/O\'''''''''''`  Jpq--   =o}\   w---^/^\^o

Overheard in the Denver Museum's
old Fossil Mammal Hall, from a mother
to her daugher:

"See there?  That's the camel-dinosaur, and
the horse-dinosaur, and the elephant-dinosaur..."

--)::)>   '''''''''''''/O\'''''''''''`  Jpq--   =o}\   w---^/^\^o